Marty Hibbs, proprietor of the Commodity Trader website and its brand and is currently acting as a private consultant and seminar conductor for Futures Trading.
Marty brings more than 25 years of experience as a Futures and Options broker.  This site will keep you abreast of Marty's movements and thoughts on the ever changing markets. We thank you for your patience

September 18th 2012

Marty Hibbs is a retired Futures Trader Portfolio manager with 25 + yeras experience. His regular appearances on BNN for more than 4 years and his monthly "Commodity Trader" newsletter is known throughout the financial markets worldwide.

Marty is embarking on a new path. Developing a complete new site for the sole purpose of educating novice traders in the area of Futures and Options markets.  The emphasis on learning the basics skills of knowing how the markets function and how to trade like a professional trader with years of experience.

The new agenda is centered on education in the form of personal hands on training by Marty Hibbs. Marty will be sharing his techiques and trading secrets to empower the average investor to find the hidden gems in their day to day trading of Futures and Options.  Marty will teach these investors by means of personal appearances across Canada in the form of seminars and workshops. See the Seminars page for upcoming dates in your area.

Marty was a regular guest for more than 4 years on Business News Network (BNN) and accurately called the top in the Crude Oil market in 2008  Click here to see the interview

To day, there are very few people who have not heard of the commotion surrounding the daily price of Crude Oil, Gold or even the grains in the news. Knowing how to invest in these markets with wisdom is something that one needs to understand if they intend to trade these market for profit.

Marty has spent his life dedicated to only these markets and still believes that it is the investment vehicle of the future and will ultimately replace ownership in equity markets for many investors as more and more public corporations falter due to competition or unscrupulous business practices.  Tangible products are the investment vehicle of tomorrow. 

This new venture site will allow the average person to educate themselves by means of written materials, seminars and workshops delivered by Marty Hibbs in video, written and interactive workshops.

Please bookmark this page and check back for further updates.

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